Your mobile app and online access make it simple to access your credit union accounts and manage your money, whether at home or on the go. 

Pay Your Bills

Online Bill Pay allows you to pay a person or company now or schedule it for later.

Easy Access To Account Statements

Past statements are available inside of Online Access so you can find past transactions.

Get Instant Notification

Receive mobile and desktop alerts and notifications.

Transfer Money Easily

Transfer money between accounts or to another member’s account at any time of the day.

Safe & Secure

Our state-of-the-art security safeguards ensure no one can access your information.

View Balances

View all of your financial institution’s accounts in one place.

Nexa CU Mobile/Online Access FAQ

What are Multifactor Authentication Codes?

Two Factor Authentication (also known as MFA Codes)  is an added layer of security for your online web app where a verification code is sent to you via your email.  

The system sends a verification code on login to verify that you are the account holder. 

What is a Mobile ID ?

Mobile IDs are unique identity codes for users. This Mobile ID is primarily used for peer-to-peer (P2P) payment transfers. 

What are the Security Questions ?

Security questions are used as a form of added protection for your account. 

These questions will be used when you use the Forgot Password feature. 

For security purposes, you are urged to pick specific answers that only you know and cannot be easily guessed by others.  

What are the benefits of Nexa CU Mobile and Online Access?

The benefits include accessing your account anytime, anywhere, to top-up any phone on the major networks, transfer funds, and pay bills, among others. 

How do I download my Nexa CU mobile app?

You can download your Nexa CU mobile app from the Google Play Store (for Android devices).

How do I access my account online?

You can log in to the Nexa CU Online web app through our website or download the Nexa CU Mobile app on the Google Play Store. Apple users can access Nexa CU Mobile on our website web app.  

How do I check my account balances using Nexa CU mobile?

To check your balances, log in to Nexa CU Mobile, and your balances will be displayed. You can select the account you wish to see the transaction history for. 

Who is a Peer ?

A peer is another member who is on the Nexa CU Mobile or Online Platform. 

What is a peer-to-peer transfer?

It is a transfer from your account to another member who is on the Nexa CU  Mobile or Online Platform. 

To add a peer, go to payments, and click on manage. On the manage screen, select Add Peer. 

What is a Mobile ID

Mobile IDs are unique identity codes for users. This Mobile ID is primarily used for peer-to-peer (P2P) payment transfers. 

How to set up your Mobile ID? 

Your mobile ID should be between 5- 8 characters and consist of both letters and numbers. You can set that up in the settings menu.

What is a Nickname?

This is the name used to identify your peer.

What is a reference?

The reference is the details of the transaction. 

Can I send money to someone else using mobile or online access?

Yes, you can send money to someone else using our Nexa CU mobile or online platform. The person must also be a registered user on the Nexa CU Mobile platform. First set up the person as a Peer- select the recipient, the amount, and the payment method. 

Can I transfer funds between accounts using Nexa CU mobile or online?

Yes, you can. 

Which Accounts I am allowed to Transfer From?

You can transfer from your Transaction Account and Your Nexa Access account to any account on the Nexa CU Mobile platform. 

Is there a transfer limit?

Yes. You can transfer up to $1000.00 XCD per transfer. 

Can I pay bills using the Nexa CU mobile and online Access?

Yes. You can pay  NAWASA presently. 

Is Nexa Online Access safe and secure?

Yes, online access is safe and secure. The Credit Union uses multiple layers of security to protect your account information. 

What should I do if I lose my mobile device with my mobile banking app installed?

If you lose your mobile device with your Nexa CU mobile app installed, you should contact your Credit union immediately to report the loss and have your account deactivated. 

What should I do if I suspect fraudulent activity in my Nexa Online Access account?

If you suspect fraudulent activity, you should contact your Credit Union immediately to report the activity and have your account secured. 

How can I get help or support for Nexa CU Mobile issues?

You can usually find help and support options for mobile and online access issues by contacting us at,  call 440-1354 or WhatsApp us at 473-405-4061. 

Can I update my personal information through mobile or online access?

You can update your personal information, such as your address, phone number, or email, through the settings or preferences section of your mobile or online platform. Some platforms may require you to verify your identity before making changes to your personal information. 

Can I set up recurring payments using mobile or online access?

You can set up automatic payments through the bill pay or payments section on Nexa CU Online or Mobile. You can typically choose the payee, the amount, and the frequency of the payments. 

How do I view my statements and transaction history?

You can view your statements and transaction history through the accounts or transactions page. You can usually filter the transactions by date, amount, or type. 

How do I log out of my mobile or online access account?

You can usually log out of your mobile or online access account by selecting the logout or sign-out option in the settings or account management section of the platform. 

Can I set up fingerprint or facial recognition to log in to my mobile access account?

Yes, many mobile platforms offer the ability to use fingerprint or facial recognition to log in to your account. You can usually find the option to set up biometric authentication in the settings or security section of the platform.